The Ultimate Guide to Generate
Revenue from Blog

Get paid, for what you love to write!

Before telling you how to make money from your blog, let me tell you about my ThinkBlog. I started my blog as my passion. I'm passionate about writing, designing, research, photography, development, SEO, SMO as well as currently preparing for my civil service exams and this is my outcome all together.

The important thing about blogging is that you cannot continue for a long time if you are not passionate about it. Copying content from another blog/website won't give you success. Before starting your blog, you need to choose a blog category for which topic you are about to post in your blog. Do not choose the topic which is being searched most but to choose topic in which you're more interested and you can write very well about.


How you can Generate Renevue?

You must remember that blogging is not about making money neither it's a career. It's a hobby or passion which helps you to get your goal as well as good amount of money.

In this digital era, luckily you have numerous ways to make money from your blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertising on your Blog
  3. Freelancing & writing for other Blogs
  4. Having Sponsored Posts


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Milan Anshuman is a travel blogger with proficiency in nature and wildlife photography. Apart from this he loves to write article for technology, food, education, graphic & web design.

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