Mock Interviews for CSE from January 10th, 2019

For Civil Services Mains Exam 2018

: Jan 06, 2019    : Tanima Anand

UPSC has declared the Civil Services Mains Exam 2018 Results and candidates who have qualified for the final leg of CSE 2018 must begin their preparation now! With an aim to facilitate the preparation for Personality Test of Civil Services Exam 2018, Chanakya IAS Academy, a trusted name in coaching for Civil Services Exam preparation, has announced its most sought after Mock Interview which arecommencing from January 10th, 2019. Interested candidates can visit Academy’s official website and can book their slot for the Mock Interview sessions.

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Chanakya IAS Academy has, after successfully guiding Civil Services aspirants for past 25 years, has earned a trusted name amidst dedicated aspirants aiming to achieve their dream career under expert guidance. Housed with a team of seasoned faculties and esteemed panel of Experts from the Civil Services Fraternity, the academy exclusively hosts Mock Interview sessions at a 5-star property in New Delhi. On being asked about the same, Chanakya IAS Academy’s spokesperson said, “this is done so as to provide candidates with a realistic environment which is akin to the actual Civil Services Interview. Our Mock Interviews Panel is a team of experts like Senior, Retd.,or current serving bureaucrats, renowned academicians, psychoanalysis, highly qualified professional from different fields along with distinguished personnel from various services. This Panel will assess the candidates on basis of their Detailed Application form and then scrutinizes their professional presence at the interview”.

A notification for the commencement of Mock Interviews at Chanakya IAS Academy’s Official Website reads that their Mock Interviews are designed in strict regard to the pattern of UPSC’s Personality Test in lieu of preparing candidates to attempt the crucial phase with the best of their preparation and mental readiness. Candidates will be questioned around topics of National & International importance, apart from being assessed on their personality and their Detailed Application Form. The Expert Panel will also put candidates in hypothetical situations to test their administrative qualities. While critically analyzing their overall performance, the Panel of Experts will provide honest feedback to the candidates post the Mock Interview to help them instil self-confidence and develop effective communication skills for facing the UPSC’s Panel of Judges. Academy will also provide video-recordings to enable candidates toself-examine their performance and also learn from the mistakes made by them or others.

“Our aim is to help candidates zero out the chances of committing mistakes and give them a fair idea of the panel’s interviewers psychology in advance”, Chanakya IAS Academy’s spokesperson said.

We, at Chanakya IAS Academy, strongly believe that Interviews are the decisive most stage of the Civil Services Examination, for, after having cleared the written part and reaching the final leg, a whole lot of accountability adds to the preparation part. Here, every individual candidate needs support and guidance to be able to effectively perform in the Personality Test. We focus on helping these individuals polish their intermediate skills and boost their confidence to crack the Personality test. Candidates will be notified about their short-comings with relevant guidance to fill up the loop-holes and strengthen the existing strong points in their personality. We have started taking registrations for the Mock Interviews and the students can visit Chanakya IAS Academy’s official website to book a slot”, he added.

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