Become a Microsoft Excel NINJA with these 5 Awesome Shortcuts

Shortcuts which can speed up your MS Excel experience

: Jan. 04, 2019    : Aditi Lundia

Limit the use of mouse and unleash the power of Keyboard! Become super-fast and swift in navigating, formatting, selecting and entering formula and evolve as an Excel Ninja! If you have missed first part of this blog, click here: Top 5 shortcuts to Increase Speed in MS Excel

1. Select Entire Row & Column:


Use Ctrl + Spacebar to Select a Column and Shift + Spacebar to select a Row. (Pro Tip: C for Ctrl, C for Column)

2. Add or Delete Row & Column:


Use Ctrl and ‘+’ symbol to Add Row or Column and Ctrl and ‘-’ symbol to Delete Row or Column.

3. Type in Multiple Cells at once:


Select the cells, type the formula and then Press Ctrl + Enter.

4. Convert to Table:


Use Ctrl + T to convert a range into table. This will allow you to format the table, add filters, auto freeze the headers and much more. (Pro Tip: Press Tab at the end of the Table, to add new rows)

5. Add Filter Buttons:


Use Alt + D + F + F to add or remove filter buttons

Note : Some contents on this blog is taken from various website(s), books and based on personal experience for the purpose of spreading knowledge and to help people finding solutions they are looking for. We do not allow readers to violate any copyright law like to sell or distribute for business purpose. They are allowed to Read, Share and Print the document. However we are giving credit to websites from where some of content is used by us. You can find list of websites in the link : Source Credit

Aditi Lundia is a full-time Corporate Trainer and Consultant in MS Excel. She has conducted excel training in various colleges, organization, and clients abroad and plan on doing the same on a larger scale in the future.

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