Common Oral Issues for Kids
and How to Prevent Them

Common Dental Problems in Kids

: Sep 30, 2018    : Iftekhar Tabish

Like adults, kids too are prone to oral issues. And if parents are not careful, such problems might become bigger and cause a variety of dental problems. Since children are not aware about dental standards, they may mistake with oral care practices. Even if kids’ teeth are replaceable, this does not mean you allow them to make mistakes and face oral problems. It can damage their oral health over time leaving with poor teeth and infected gums. Plus, there are some common oral problems kids are likely to face more than grown-ups do. That’s why being cautious can help on the part of parents. Let’s look at some common oral issues for kids and ways to prevent them


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Yes, kids too can face cavities if their teeth are not given proper care. Since their tooth enamel is still not that much strong, risks of cavities will be greater among them than adults. And their fondness for all things sugary can compound the problem and leave the vulnerable for tooth decay. The sugar can stick to their teeth, cause bacterial growth which can lead to cavity. To prevent the problem, ask you child to use fluoride toothpaste and clean the mouth after eating sugary items. Regular dental visit will also help them stay away from cavity.

Gum Disease

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Think again if you have been believing that gum disease won’t strike kids ever. It does, and when that happens, your kid’s teeth are under risk of decay and damage on a gradual basis. Plaque can lead to gum disease, so enhanced oral care can help. You can counter the gum disease of your child by ensuring improved brushing and cleaning. Plus, take them to the dentist for regular cleaning so that their gum is always in healthy condition. So, never take your kid’s gum lightly else it could compromise their overall dental health.

Thumb Sucking

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Thumb sucking is common among kids. Most of them do this as it’s one of comforting habits developed in those age. Some parents don’t find thumb sucking bad and they let their little ones continue with it, which are wrong. Because, it can put pressure on the teeth cause alignment issues and, in some cases, may push the teeth forward. In severe cases, kids might need braces or tooth removal. To break thumb sucking habit, parents can resort to some diversion tactics like giving toys to the kid, taking them attention away etc. If nothing works, consult the dentist without delay.

Tongue Thrusting

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Much like thumb sucking, some kids do tongue thrusting where they thrust the top of the tongue forward against the lips. This too can be damaging for oral health as it puts pressure on the front teeth. In fact, such a thrusting on a prolonged basis can cause alignment issues and lead to speech problems. Kids doing tongue thrusting may also face overbite issues and eating difficulties in future. A dentist can help by devising a treatment plan to boost the strength of their chewing muscles. He/she may devise a new swallowing pattern to limit the damage of tongue thrusting.

Lip Sucking

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Parents should not take lip sucking by their kids lightly as it can be as damaging as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. In this oral issue, the kid can develop the habit of holding the lower lip beneath front teeth. And if done on a prolonged basis, it could lead to speech issue, overbite concerns and eating problems. Positive reinforcement is the only way forward to get rid of this problem. You can also consult a pediatric dentist near me to seek help in such cases.

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