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There was a time when Google was a search engine, now it has became a search giant cum smartest AI machine on internet, moreover technically we cannot call Google an AI as per definition of Artificial Intelligence. It is all due to it's smart algorithm. In a simple way it will reply your every valid question within fraction of a second. Google offers a plain and simple interface, but hides many powerful tricks and tools under the hood. These tips and tricks will allow you to make better searches, do better research and search for useful content easily and conveniently than ever before.

  1. To search for results from certain sites and domains
  2.   50 Mysterious Places in India  

  3. To search for pages that link to a certain page
  4. Ex:  

  5. To search for sites that are similar to a designated site or domain
  6. Ex:  

  7. To search for pages that just have one of several words
  8. Ex:   world series 2013 OR 2014  

  9. To search for pages that just have one of several words
  10. Ex:   world series 2013 OR 2014  

  11. To look up your IP address
  12. Ex:   my ip address  

  13. To look up film showings
  14. Ex:   movie 110063  

  15. Current local time in a city across the globe?
  16. Ex:   india time  

  17. Currency Conversion
  18. Ex:   usd inr  

  19. Unit Conversion
  20. Ex:   km in cm  

  21. Mathematical Calculations
  22. Ex:   cos(10)  

  23. Search for Similar Keywords
  24. Ex:   Photoshop ~Tutorial  

  25. Removing specific sites from results
  26. Ex:   ipod  

  27. Title Search
  28. Ex:   intitle:tips for interior design  

  29. To set a timer
  30. Ex:   set timer for 60 sec  

  31. URL Search
  32. Ex:   inurl:50 Mysterious Places in India  

  33. Finding Weather
  34. Ex:   weather new delhi  

  35. Searching for specific file types
  36. Ex:   ibps filetype:pdf  

  37. Searching within a Specific Website
  38. Ex:   milan anshuman  

  39. Searching within a Specific Website
  40. Ex:   milan anshuman  

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Milan Anshuman is a travel blogger at Roadway Star. He is passionate about travelling across entire India, specially in undiscovered places, apart from travelling he loves to shoot nature and wildlife beauties, waterfall, mountain series and beaches.

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