How does Thumb Sucking
Affect the Teeth?

Common Dental Problems in Kids

: Apr 30, 2019    : Iftekhar Tabish

Thumb sucking is a bad habit you mostly find among children. Some children enjoy thumb sucking and some do it because of anxiety and comfort. No matter what the reason for thumb sucking is can lead to several dental issues in children in the future. So, if you as a parent are marking such activities in your children then take it seriously and take the necessary steps to avoid this bad habit from your children. In this post we are going to discuss several issues your children can face due to thumb sucking and how can you take necessary steps to prevent this issue. So let’s get started with more details.

What’s the truth behind Thumb Sucking can hard a child’s teeth?

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According to research thumb sucking never affect an infant and may not cause any dental issue. When it comes to children normally they suck thumb before the teeth begin to come in. As some time children try to copy mechanism you may find thumb sucking but it’s very bad and can cause several dental issues. Thumb sucking can affect the permanent teeth alignment of your children. Experts also say that if a two years children are thumb sucking then it can put a very bad impact on the jaw.

Sometimes due to thumb sucking the front teeth may push forward which leads to odd dental alignment. If someone is sucking thumb in adolescence then it may affect the braces and other dental issues. So never take it easily always take necessary steps as soon as possible.

There are some other issues you may find due to Thumb Sucking like

  1. Jaw misaligned
  2. Excessive bite
  3. Pronunciation issue
  4. Crooked roof of the mouth

Orthodontic treatment for Thumb Sucking alignment issue

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If your children already affected by thumb sucking and alter the alignment of jaw and teeth then you need to go with early orthodontic treatment. It’s always better to do pre teen treatment in such condition as during that time the alter alignment normally in the first phase. This treatment can solve this issue easily and bring perfect alignment of jaws and teeth. If you will not go through orthodontic treatment then it may lead to biting issues in the future. This treatment also assures you that there is adequate room for the permanent teeth replacement.

How you can stop your child from Thumb Sucking?

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This is one of the daunting tasks for parents to help their children to avoid thumb sucking. But parents need to do it at any cost otherwise it can cause serious issues later. Here we are going to share some of the tips which will definitely help parents.

  1. You can offer diriment toys to your children to distract them from the thumb sucking.
  2. Use commercial thumb guards on the thumb of your children during sleep.
  3. You can purchase unpleasant tasting paint which are normally available from chemists and use those on the thumb of your children.
  4. You can praise and hug your children and encourage them to stop this bad habit.
  5. If you fail these conservative methods then you can try several orthodontic appliances to stop this bad habit in your children.

Most of the children do thumb sucking its not bad things but over the thumb sucking can create serious dental problems if you will not enforce your children to stop it at the right time. Try all our given tips and help your child to avoid any future dental issues in the near future.

So, if your child is getting into this habit then, look for the kid's dentist near me option or go for the best pediatric dentist near me option. The pediatric dentist will well take care of your child’s teeth.

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Iftekhar Tabish, is a professional health blogger and Digital Marketing Expert since many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people who want to know more about their oral health.

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