How Sports Can Improve Your Child’s Grades


: Jan 30, 2019    : James Browning

These days a lot of kids are stuck inside all the time, looking at screens. Whether it’s social media, their laptop, online gaming or just research, it’s easy for parents to miss the days when their little ones were running around in the great outdoors, getting a bit of fresh air and socialising with others.

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We all know that it’s important to balance time in front of a phone, laptop or television with more active pursuits including sports and physical exercise. There are lots of benefits to long-term health by being active when you’re young. But what some people don’t also realise is that getting into sports and exercise can actually help children do better at school too. Whether that’s playing easy cricket games, going for a solo run or swimming lengths in the pool, getting your body moving is great for the brain.

Physical exercise and learning: A perfect mix

This may sound strange when we are used to thinking of the body and mind as totally separate and when time spent exercise is time away from studying. But in fact, what’s good for one is good for both and a range of research has now proven the fact that kids involved in sports tend to do better at school than those who don’t, even when controlling for other factors.

To make this even better, it doesn’t really matter what kind of exercise your little ones do. The key is simply to keep active. So try suggesting lots of different types of sports and games until you find one they really love.

Four reasons why doing sports can help children get better grades

So how is it that sport can help kids at school? Here are four key reasons:

1. It improves concentration:

Children taking part in sport have to think hard and learn to concentrate. This sets them up to do that in the class room too.

2. Team sports encourage a collaborative approach:

Not all grades given these days are for individual assessments, lots of projects are collaborative. Those kids used to playing team games are likely to be much better at working with others so will end up getting a better result.

3. Sport teaches multitasking:

Think of your little one playing even easy cricket games. They have to think about a lot – like the position of other team members, their own actions, the potential different things that might happen. Multi-tasking will help children’s brains to cope with complexity and difficult problem solving.

4. Keeping healthy means more time in the class room:

Kids who are active and healthy are less likely to be taken out of school for check-ups, doctors visits and medication. Staying fit and strong means you child will have the time and energy to learn.

Those are just a few of the many ways in which sport and exercise will benefit your children both inside and outside of school. The best kind of exercise is the kind they enjoy, because it’s the only one they will do long-term, so support your family to find fun and healthy activities to nurture both body and mind!

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