Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Kitchen


: Feb 22, 2018    : Katherine Mosquera

The kitchen is a room regularly used by everyone in the home, and as food prep, cooking, washing and eating can all go on in there, it’s a room that needs cleaning regularly. When it comes to cleaning, there are right and wrong ways to do it; ways that will ensure a fresh sparkling home and ways that just aren’t exactly right. To help you make sure you know everything you need for a thorough kitchen clean, from how to clean a gas stove to which surfaces to wipe down every day, here’s an easy-to-follow guide.



1. Clean your cooking appliances regularly:

Whether you tend to cook using a microwave, oven or gas stove make sure to clean these appliances whenever they are looking a little dirty. It’s easy to put this task off, but no kitchen is ever thoroughly clean if the appliances aren’t dirt-free too. Not only will they look newer and more attractive, they’ll also remain safe to use, as well as hygienic. If you’re not sure where to start with any of them look online for helpful resources on things like how to clean a gas stove.

2. Descale the kettle:

We sometimes forget to do the kettle, but a build up of limescale on the inside surfaces can not only make your tea taste weird, but may also not be great for your health. Get a dedicated kettle descaler and follow the instructions on the pack; alternatively, use 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water to remove the build-up.

3. Wipe down surfaces:

Wiping down surfaces is probably the most important kitchen cleaning activity as it’s here that we prepare our food and sometimes eat from. To prevent harmful bacteria living on your kitchen surfaces, wipe them down thoroughly after every use and go over each with an anti-bacterial spray at least once a day.


1. Put down rugs or carpets:

Although rugs can make us feel cosy, they are much harder to clean and more likely to get grimy in a kitchen. Always opt for floorboards or linoleum as these are much easier to clean and won't gather dirt and food bits.

2. Get swamped with insects:

Bugs in the kitchen are unpleasant and another potential health hazard. Avoid them by covering food and getting rid of anything that's too ripe. If your household suffers from flies, invest in a swatter, or if necessary, anti-fly tape can be used to catch them in their tracks.

3. Let dishes stack up:

We've all done it – had a busy few days and left the dishes piling up in the sink. However not only is this more likely to attract those insects, it will also make dishes more difficult to clean when you get round to doing it. Try to wash up as soon as you've finished eating.

Those are our top tips for getting your kitchen fresh and clean. Remember the important things: focus on appliances, get rid of bugs and avoid putting things off. Everyone feels better when their kitchen is spic and span, so don't hesitate - get cleaning today!

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This post was written in collaboration with Katherine Mosquera and Rachel Cummings from Mavens of London. Rachel has written for various lifestyle blogs, and continues to work alongside Mavens of London to create immersive articles and blog content. Katherine has written and edited a range of articles from home and lifestyle, to food and fashion, and is currently a content creator and editor at Mavens of London.

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