How to Crack UPSC in First Attempt

A step by step guide by Anish Passi

: March 20, 2018    : Anish Passi

Preparing for India’s most prestigious exam in an arduous task and clearing it in the first attempt is rather more challenging. It requires systematic and smart preparation techniques to be followed. Neostencil brings you some of the finest tips from experienced professionals and successful IAS aspirants which will help you to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt.

1. Don’t underestimate yourself

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Have faith and dedicated belief in yourself that you can hit the EXAM. If you think you are a faint hearted person and cannot prepare for UPSC, then you are wrong. Rather IAS preparation makes you stone hearted. Secondly, don’t compare yourself with anyone. Every individual has its own strengths and weaknesses. Work upon them and you will perfectly sail in the ocean of UPSC.

2. Go for the most recommended books

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The first step towards your dream is, having all the study material readily available. The most recommended books for UPSC preparation are the NCERT books. Once you have finished them (preferable by the end of third month of your preparation period), it’s time to move on to some standard books.

3. Prioritize your time

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Instead of hardwork, you should go for SMART work. A perfect blend of both will fetch you high ranks in the result list. In the initial period of your preparation, work on your weaker areas or the areas you feel requires more of concept clearing. If you are preparing on your own, then online video tutorials are best options for clearing the concepts. Prepare a perfect time table and follow it strictly.

4. Read Newspaper everyday

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Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily. It not only will make you aware of the happenings around the world but will also help you in your preparation for current affairs. While going through the newspaper you must pay extra attention on the events, names and places. Give a little extra time on editorial section of the newspaper as it will help you in your essay writing preparation.

5. Work on your speed and accuracy

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After you have finished up with all the course material, now it’s the time for giving tests. Join a mock test series, this will help you in improving your time management and speed. As the prelims carry negative marking, so you must work on you accuracy. If you are unsure of an answer but are able to eliminate two of the options, then it’s worth taking the risk. But in case you are not sure regarding any of the options, then leave it and move forward. But still in case you want to attempt the question, make your guess is intelligent and not random.

6. Focus on Revision

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Just focus on revision in the last couple of months. Starting a new subject at the end point, can prove suicidal. Just leave the thing you don’t know and aim for a thorough revision for all the things which you know. Be confident and have full faith in yourself.

7. Start preparing for mains side by side

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Thinking to start preparing for the mains exam, only after the declaration of prelims result is a bad approach. Mains also needs equal attention and preparation as does the prelims. Improve on your communication and interpersonal skills along side. Along with newspaper, also read the magazines such as Yojana.

8. Make the best use of digital technology

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With the coming of Smartphones, you can easily download UPSC preparation apps from the online marketplace. These apps are free to download and offer good practice material. You can utilize your spare time such as while commuting to sharpen your skills by using these apps.

9. Take adequate sleep

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Working hard is important so as sound sleep. If you won’t take adequate sleep or relax your brain, your grasping power will reduce. You will feel lazy, lethargic and sleepy the complete day. After taking proper sleep, your body and brain are re-energized for taking up challenges for the next day.

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