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Those were days when we get excited to watch our favourite TV series and even will've to wait for a week, because of only broadcast on either Saturday of Sundays. I really miss those days. There was only TV channel i.e. Doordarshan, if you're 80s or earlier born then definitely you'll be still missing those TV series I hope. Here I want you to travel in your past for some amazing childhood memories via these TV series:

  1. Malgudi Days
  2. malgudi-days-tv-serial

    Malgudi Days is an Indian television series based on the works of R.K. Narayan. Revolving around Swami and his friends, Malgudi Days is one of the fondest memories of our childhood.

  3. Byomkesh Bakshi
  4. byomkesh-bakshi-tv-serial-doordarshan

    Back when detective shows weren't that common, Byomkesh Bakshi showed Indians what we seemed to be missing out on. This is easily one of the best shows to have ever been telecasted on our television sets.

  5. Shaktimaan
  6. shaktimaan-tv-serial

    Shaktimaan, because my childhood memories are connected to it. Technically when this shows telecast, in late 90s, India is struggling to achieve computer revolution. The show has immense graphics and reasonable story line-up from which kids can learn something. Ultimately, Shaktimaan stands on No. 10 because of he was India's Superman.

  7. Ramayan
  8. ramayan-tv-serial-doordarshan

    Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan is one of the best epic depicted the Tulsidas's Ramcharit Manas. This show has an impact on the India Society that the time of marriage has been fixed accordance with the timing of the telecast of the show. Roads are empty while this show is on-airing. This show gives many actors identity like Arun Gohel & Deepika Chikhalia which were worshiped as Ram and Sita in villages, because of their tremendous acting skills portrayed in the show. This show aired with 78 Episodes aired on Sunday Morning Slot.

  9. Mahabharat
  10. mahabharat-tv-serial-doordarshan

    undoubtedly, this series stands on number 1 because of the courage of Late Shri B. R. Chopra for depicting this epic on television in late 80s. The reason being, this series have more than 95 artists played active role in throughout 94, 45 minutes running episodes. The best part is in 1988 to 1990, two years' period, the while Mahabharata was aired on television, the roads became empty and people started watching this epic without a blink. Mahabharata came back on STAR Plus last year also have the same but very summarised version of B. R. Chopra's Mahabharata. B. R. Chopra's Mahabharata was detailed and almost perfect depiction of the epic. The Dohas at the end of each episodes is the productive approach from which people can learn something.

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