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: Nov 27, 2020    : Cindy Culiner

Using WordPress as a content management system has numerous benefits, but it is up to you to make the most of them. It may be hard to choose in a sea of options and features, but your site will truly stand out if you do it right. In case you are new to WP and are wondering what the characteristics of a good WordPress website are, read on and learn how to create the best possible site that will help increase your online traffic and ultimately boost sales.

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Live Chat and Personalized Chatbots

A beautiful site is nice to have, but the user experience is what matters most. It is vital to keep your users in mind when designing your WP site. The world of online marketing and the way users interact with websites is constantly changing. Keeping up with every trend can be time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary. However, chatbots and live chat features are among those trends that are going to stick around.

Chat windows are useful tools that enable you to provide instant support to your visitors at any time. They are used for things like help requests, frequently asked questions, and studying customer behavior. With these useful WP site characteristics, you can increase user engagement and improve user experience. With a personalized chatbot that integrates with your CRM and knows more about visitors than a standard one, you'll be able to improve your chances of increasing conversions.

Website Maintenance Plan

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As WP is the most popular platform for building websites, it is often a target for hackers and malware, which is why protection should be one of your biggest concerns. Even government websites get hacked, which clearly shows that no one is immune to cybercrime. Keeping WordPress and plugin software up-to-date is a vital protection strategy. To protect your WP site, make sure you have a good website maintenance plan and consider working with a website professional who will do this part of the job for you.

Fast Page Load

One of the most obvious characteristics of a good WordPress website is fast page loading. Having fast-loading pages not only enhances user experience, but it also improves search engine ranking. Site performance can be improved with several tools and plugins, but being on a reliable website host is key to reducing page loading time.

Mobile Friendliness

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Having a user-friendly mobile version of your WP site is a must in 2020. Mobile optimization is more than a responsive design – it is about offering mobile users a high-quality experience. Creating a mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate on all devices will help you attract and retain the most people since most users browse websites on their mobile devices these days. When it comes to implementing mobile-friendliness, explore the best ways to do this, and make sure the theme allows you to hide and show certain elements on your mobile view. This ability can reduce page load times and greatly enhance the user experience.

Voice Search Optimization

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to use voice-assistant features when searching for products and services on the internet. Since the number of voice-based searches is rising dramatically, voice search optimization is getting more attention than ever before. Therefore, you should not ignore the needs of your voice search-reliant consumers. Embrace this new trend and expect positive results.

Video Headers

Video headers are a big trend right now. Choose a theme that allows you to easily insert a video header and remove it if you are not sure about keeping it. One of the reasons we love WordPress is that anyone can use it, from complete beginners to expert website designers. Some themes are so easy to use that even the least tech-savvy website owners can do it.

Search Engine Optimization

When people search the internet, your website will get a higher position among the search results if you optimize it properly. This way, you will get more people clicking through to your site and eventually becoming your customers. Optimizing your site for search engines is useful, even if you are not trying to rank highly for any keywords. Again, there are many popular SEO plugins for WP that can help you out.

Google Analytics Tracking

Utilizing Google Analytics is not as common as it should be, as many site owners don't even know they don't have it. Google Analytics tracking is a great way to get to know your audience. GA tracks different aspects of user activity on your site, such as bounce rate, session duration, pages per session, etc. It can help you collect all the relevant data you can use to get more traffic. You will learn who visits your website, when they do it, and what they do on your site. Furthermore, you'll find out how people find your website and how they interact with it. So, if you think you do not need it, think again. All you need is a Gmail/Google account to sign up, and the process is quite simple. Most importantly, it is free of charge!

Google Search Console

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Google Search Console (GSC for short) is also a free web service. It helps you monitor and manage your site's presence in Google search results. Having access to useful tools and data provided directly by the search engines makes optimizing your WP website much more straightforward. By adding your website to this service, you'll have knowledge of your site's ranking and health. Definitely consider GSC as one of the important characteristics of a good WordPress website, even if you do not need it at the moment, because there may come a time when you will.

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Cindy Culiner has been working as a business and tech blogger for over eight years. She has a degree in English and technical communications. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories, listening to classical music, and playing the cello.

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