Practical Tips on
Last 15 Days Preparation

for Civil Services Mains Exam

: Sep 16, 2018    : Tanima Anand

It is never a harm to be prepared for an opportunity that you have been eagerly waiting for. But with time constraints, especially in the case of Civil Services Examination, students must understand the need & rush of the hour. With just over a few days left for the Mains exam, which is scheduled for September 28th, 2018, we strongly advise candidates that they shift their entire focus and gear up for the last-minute preparations. In this article, we will be sharing with you some practical tips on last 15 days preparation for the Civil Services Mains Exam.

‘Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity’

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Refrain yourself from going back to heavy textbooks – At this stage of the examination, strictly avoid getting into heavy textbooks and or multiple sources of information. Rather stick to the most important ones and study them properly. Either pick highlighted pointers from the NCERT’s or read-only from your self-made and familiar notes, while focusing on your weak points because you are already aware of your strengths. You can still opt for Mains Test Series and try solving few sets of question to boost up your confidence and get better hold on topics.

You could take up subject-wise revision through -

    1. History – In history, you must already be very clear with the events, happenings and important names from the 19th and 20th century until 1947 (especially about the Indian Struggle for Freedom), Arts and cultures of different era’s, etc. In this phase do not re-read Bipin Chandra and rather only read from your important notes and see what dates or events you are slipping upon. Refurbish your ideas for the topics you feel you are weak at and practice answer writing.

    2. Geography – Alike history, practice all the mind maps and physical maps for the Geography portion and also the topics that must be revised and strengthened. Make sure you have a good practice of writing answers with diagrams and maps included for factual backing.

    3. Science & Technology – Along with your self-made notes, if needed have a look at the NCERT’s but make sure that is done only to gather information on a topic. Do not read from any other source of static information. Rather, strengthen the Science and Technology related topics with dynamic sources like newspapers, latest updates on advancements, etc., for the maximum question of this subject comes from the latest news and updates.

    4. Economics – If you have been referring to a single book for this subject until now, you could read the highlighted pointers from the same, to compliment your handmade notes. But do give a quick glance to the economic survey and even better if you have notes made for the Economic Survey. We will remind you, do not acquire any new topics apart from current affairs updates. You simply cannot afford any confusions at this hour.

    5. International Relations and defence – Read any news updates from the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Joint Defence Exercises, and other latest inventions along with the latest developments on treaties/pacts with different countries.

    6. Polity – Apart from your self-made notes, read important topics and highlighted points from the Laxmikanth.

    7. Environment & Ecology – Revise from the NCERT’s and handmade notes. However, keep a tab on the latest floods and other environmental & ecological updates in news to use the details as backing to support your answers in the Civil Services Mains Exam.

2. Solve Test Papers – It may sound strange to you but solving test papers during these final days before the examination will help you get a stronger hold writing effective answers, while also boosting your writing speed and clarity. Plus, you can not deny the fact that around 8-10 questions from these Mock Tests can be asked in the actual exams as well. Download from the internet or get some from a reputed coaching and make sure solve atleast one test per day.

3. Keep up-to-date with current affairs – Over the years Civil Services Examination pattern has seen a drastic rise in direct questions from the dynamic portion. In fact, major questions from the static portion also have a part of dynamic backing from current affairs, governmental surveys, schemes, budgets, etc. Thus, in these last few days, read newspapers well. For static portion, focus on updates from the fields of Economics (Economic survey, etc.), Science & Technology, Defence, International Relations, Environment (prevailing issues like the flooding in different parts of India or the deadly Smog that had covered Delhi NCR), etc.

4. Keep at bay from illogical fears – Civil Services Mains Examination is a very tough stage but to reach until here, you have left behind thousands of other dedicated aspirants and this is one fact you must never forget. Henceforth, do not allow your mind to promote negative thoughts or unjustifiable fears. Also, do not read or listen to any comments or opinions that land you up in a dull soup. You are here because you have worked hard and no fear must pull you down.

#Tip – Do not just stare or read the information, absorb it!

5. Have faith – Having understood that you must keep away from irrational fears, you should tell yourself that you have worked really hard to be at this stage here and the Civil Services Mains Exam is the best platform to prove all the labour you have put into the preparation.

If you have faith in your dreams, hard work and perseverance will reap you the sweetest fruits

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Mr. AK Mishra is a renowned motivational speaker, entrepreneur, educationist and Founder & Chairman of prestigious Chanakya IAS Academy that has churned out more than 4000 Civil Servants (IAS, IPS & other Government Servants) till date.

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