The emotional
impact of moving house

 On average, Americans will move 11 times during their lifetime.

: Sep 18, 2020    : Kate Smith

Moving has been ranked as one of the top five most stressful events in a person's life. On average, Americans will move 11 times during their lifetime. That means that you will likely be experiencing the emotional impact of moving house on more occasions than one.

What is it that makes relocating so stressful and strenuous? Why do we let our emotions overpower the excitement we feel for the new house? The answer to that is simple - you have created some amazing memories in your current home and moving means leaving all of them behind.

But doesn't that mean that you will be turning over a new leaf and making way for some new healthy lifestyle changes? A clean slate sounds fun - until you actually realize that you might feel anxiety due to a fresh start. And this crippling anxiety will prevent you from enjoying everything that's ahead, unless you learn how to let go of it.

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Realize that your memories stay with you

People often resist moving house simply because they feel like they are losing a part of their life. Once you really think about it, you will realize that all those things that really matter are staying with you. Your family members, special items, positive experiences you carry in your heart - all of that is moving with you.

Instead of thinking about what you are losing, why don't you try to focus on what you are gaining? The possibility for new friendships, new job opportunities, new experiences - all of that awaits if you just let go of self-imposed restraints.

The emotional impact of moving house is mostly felt by kids

Moving is difficult for adults - so imagine how hard it must be for kids. Kids usually don't have the coping mechanisms adults have developed with time. Plus, they probably can't completely grasp the reasons behind your household relocation, which makes it that much more difficult for them to adjust to the situation.

And if you are thinking that your kids are too young to remember the move and therefore won't be impacted negatively, think again. All bets are off once a child turns four.

School-aged kids will feel like they are losing their friends who are basically your child's entire world at this age. That's why you need to clear your schedule and spend some quality time with your little ones. Have patience for their tantrums, explain the reasons behind your relocation, and help them make new friends after you settle in. You are the only one who can help them through this process, so a lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders.

The lack of time might be causing fear and anxiety

Decluttering, packing, shopping for packing supplies, cleaning - there are dozens of small and big moving tasks in the future and they are all waiting on you to handle them. Any responsible person would naturally feel overwhelmed by the sheer thought of what lies ahead. And when you feel overwhelmed, stress and anxiety aren't far behind.

You will worry about your belongings being damaged, you will fear being scammed by fraudulent movers, and you will most certainly worry about the lack of time. But instead of letting all of these negative thoughts overpower you, why don't you try to keep yourself composed?

A ten-minute session of yoga, for example, will help you recharge on the spot and reduce the emotional impact of moving house. Meditation will help you battle the negative effects of relocating, and your hobbies will do wonders for keeping you calm and composed.

But there is nothing better than starting with planning and packing on time. When you feel like you are ahead of the situation, you will be less likely to worry and stress about the move. And by diminishing stress, you will be able to focus on the positive aspects of this change.

Fighting back - how to let go of all the negative emotions associated with moving?

Throw a farewell party. Nothing can help you cope with your emotions better than some quality time with your loved ones. So inform your friends and family about the party time, order some good food, and buy refreshments. Think of this as your chance to reminisce about all the fun times you had in the old house, and that will prepare you for all the fun times that are ahead. Just remember - a few tears here and there are okay, but you should definitely not let them become the most talked-about event of the night.

Throw a housewarming party. Once you have moved and unpacked, it's the right time to get acquainted with the new neighborhood. Let your closest neighbors know that you have arrived, and invite them over for a small get-together. This way, you will meet some new people and most likely form new friendships. And that will help you deal with the emotional impact that comes with moving house.

Some sadness is inevitable

But as long as you remind yourself that the feelings you are going through are completely normal, you should be fine. Everyone has experienced them at some point in their lives and they survived - so will you. Of course, don't let the negativity overpower you because then the emotional impact of moving house will become too great and you might find yourself gasping for air. And these are the moments where you should let the excitement prevail - it's not every day that you are moving out of your house and into a new one.

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Kate Smith is a blog writer for moving websites such as Master Moving Guide. She has a degree in journalism but loves reading and writing about psychology and topics and issues related to it. She currently resides in Boston where she has lived since her college days.

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