Top Studying Tips for Different Learners


: Feb 15, 2018    : Katherine Mosquera

Old fashioned learning was limited in its approach and mainly involved sitting passively in lessons and absorbing whatever information came along in whatever format it was conveyed. These days, however, it is recognized that people study and absorb information in many different ways, and to get the most out of study it is important to tailor it to your own personal style. In this article, we go through the four major types of learners - visual, aural, verbal and physical - and explain the best learning approaches for each.

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1. Visual Learners

If you are a visual learner you'll probably think about things in terms of pictures and images; you might have a strong spatial mind or photographic memory. To study best, visual learners often find it helpful to draw diagrams or large mind maps. These help to space out information and enable you to make visual connections. If you're going to be getting happy with big sheets of paper and permanent markers, accidents can happen, so here are some tips on how to remove pen stains from clothes. Go forth and get creative while you learn!

2. Aural Learners

Second are the aural learners – these are people who find they absorb information best listening. Usually, for aural learners, it helps to listen to lectures, and luckily plenty of courses now make their audio content available online; this can be a very beneficial tool for aural learners. Alternatively, if you learn best this way, you can search the web for relevant videos or podcasts to listen to on the go. If you have an important exam coming up, why not record yourself reading out lecture notes and listen to them regularly.

3. Verbal Learners

Next up are verbal learners; if you're a verbal learner it means you find it helpful to learn through words, whether that be written or spoken. In this way, verbal learners get a lot from study groups, discussions and seminars. If this is the most effective way for you to learn, try to find others who learn in this way and team up to have conversations about your topic. You could also set each other quizzes and discuss the answers. If there's no one else around, try reading your notes aloud each night before going to sleep.

In terms of writing, verbal learners can benefit from re-writing study notes, as this is a good way to retain the information in an active way.

4. Physical Learners

Finally, there are the physical learners – these tend to be people who are used to moving their body around e.g. sporty types. Physical learners learn best when they can embody their knowledge. If you're a physical learner, try to go to places that will help you understand your subject. This may be by visiting a historical site, an art exhibition, or attending science demonstrations.

There are lots of different ways to learn effectively, and knowing what type of learner you are will help you adapt your methods to gain more success. Whatever studying you do, remember to keep yourself organized and focused. Plus, knowing handy little things like how to remove pen stains from clothes, and ways to prevent yourself being distracted, and you'll be just fine. Good luck!

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