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: Feb 14, 2018    : Katherine Mosquera

Having a baby is probably the single biggest life change you'll ever go through. It up-ends the lives of even the most prepared new parents. Even so, it's worth trying to get things sorted in advance as much as you can. Here are five things to think about before your bundle of joy arrives; everything from how to sterilise baby bottles, to an easy-to-remember routine.


1. Get advice from friends (but know that things might be different)

You probably won't be the first person in your friendship group to have a baby, so one great way to start preparing yourself is to chat with friends who are already parents to get their advice. Everyone will have some useful tips they wish they had known, and it can be really helpful to learn from other people's mistakes. Remember, however, that everyone's experience is different, so don't worry if you find that some of the advice doesn't actually apply to you.

2. Nest! Make a comfortable nursery for you and your baby

Preparing your house for the baby is an important ritual in transitioning yourself from person to parent. After all, you will need your home to be accommodating to yours and your baby's needs now. It's the first of many things you'll do to keep your child safe and comfortable. Make sure to get essential pieces of furniture, such as a cot and a chair. Ask around for hand-me-downs to make the whole process cheaper and also better for the environment - the less waste the better.

3. Have all the equipment you'll need before the birth

On that note, it's also important to think about all the stuff you'll need when the baby arrives. Parenting tends to be quite an equipment-heavy activity, and it's worth getting as much as this as you can sorted in advance. If you get anything as second-hand gifts be sure to clean them thoroughly before use. If you need advice on sterilising baby items, here are some useful tips on how to sterilise baby bottles.

4. Try the EASY routine

In the first few months of your baby's life it's important to get them into a regular routine. Some people advocate the EASY pneumonic to help with this. It stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep and You i.e. time with your baby can be split into these four sections. Start by giving baby a feed, do an activity like listening to a rhyme, playing with a toy, or even talking to them to keep them alert and entertained, and then finally put them to sleep for a while. The Y is key, as it is now time for you, the parent, to get some me-time and wind down from a busy day.

5. Seek support from health professionals if you need it

Parenting is far from easy, and it can actually be a struggle sometimes, so it's important to remember that it's OK to seek support if you need it. For most people, a friendly, listening ear from your spouse, a family member or friend will be enough, but don't hesitate to talk to a professional if you think it might help. Your local doctor or health visitor may be a good place to start.

6. Let dishes stack up:

Those are our favourite tips for starting out with a new baby. The first few months after they are born may be the most challenging of your life, but they will also be the most rewarding, so whatever else you do, don't forget to enjoy this very special time.

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