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Helping preparation for Civil Services Exam 2019

: Jan 17, 2019    : Tanima Anand

Civil Services Examination preparation is no easy journey and those who have cracked it will tell you how you must go about it, individually! Every single stage needs a different level of preparation depending upon the nature of the examination and the depth of subject knowledge. Now, because every stage is equally important, candidates must be very cautious while preparing distinctively for each stage of the Civil Services examination. Here, short term courses play a vital role and in past few years, there is a clear inclination of students aspiring for the Civil Services Examination, for prestigious services like the IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc., towards giving a keen preference to the stage-specific crash courses. In this article, we will help you understand why so!

This article will help aspirants preparing for Civil Services Exam 2019 to understand why are Short-Term courses important for effective preparation of Civil Services Exam, read the following points:

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1. Stage-specific preparation:

Short Term courses’ biggest benefit is that the course module is designed in lieu of stage-specific preparation which provides a candidate to focus on what is relevant for that particular stage. For instance, if a student enrols in Prelims Special Batch, the experts will focus on helping the student complete the entire syllabus of Civil Services Prelims Examination only. Now because the Prelims are objective in nature, students must know the entire syllabus along with mastering the art of eliminating wrong answers and intelligent guessing techniques. Also, a student must have enough practice of solving previous year papers and Prelims Test Series. Hence, the preparation becomes more focused and precise. Short Term courses will also help aspirant develop an understanding of the depth of the subject, for that stage, as is needed to be prepared.

2. Mastering the art of effective answer writing:

Civil Services Examination may test a candidate on different aspects, but ultimately they are always judged on the grounds of their performance in each stage of the Civil Services Examination. Hence, candidates will have to master the art of effective answer writing, distinctively, for each stage. Say, for instance, if you have to write the prelims paper, you don’t need to write lengthy answers and thus simply learning the art of eliminating wrong options will help. But the Mains stage of the examination requires to explain the topic in depth and that too in a given word limit. Short term courses are boon in mastering this stage-specific answer writing.

3. Expert guidance:

Short term courses are also beneficial in getting the best expert guidance for stage-specific preparation. For, Subject Experts and experienced people from the Civil Services fraternity focus on guiding students in developing a practical mindset towards understanding the examiner's point of view and write the examination in an Administrators perspective. Under expert guidance, there is an added advantage of gaining clarity for tough subjects like History, Economy, Polity, etc. Special doubt classes, classroom discussions & debates, and segregation of relevant details from the pool of information are some other perks involved with enrolling for short term courses.

4. Ease of access to expert preparation notes & tips:

Short Term courses is power packed with pros. Like here the subject experts, apart from relevant guidance, will also provide you with precise and needful study material along with tried and tested tips to achieve success in the Civil Services Examination. Besides the study material, special notes, preparation tips & hacks are also provided by Subject experts, to save you on your precious time and learn from the given most relevant resources.

5. Assessment and rectification:

Short Term courses include regular assessments and classroom tests to help students judge their ground preparation and rectify the weak areas that need to be worked upon. These tests also help students understand UPSC’s expectations from the candidate and also get individual feedback from the experts along with tips & tricks to excel even in the weaker subjects.

6. Short term courses are pocket-friendly:

Lack of guidance and financial blocks are one of the most common barricades between a dedicated aspirant and their IAS dream. At times, lesser knowledge or interest in a subject also snatches from them, their chance to crack the Civil Services Examination. Short term courses play a major role, here, as they are immensely cost-effective.

7. Confidence is the key:

After having enrolled for a stage-specific batch like Prelims Special Batch or the Mains short term course, the candidate gets to have a strong hold on the entire syllabus, which inversely boosts their confidence. And this confidence helps them prepare good and perform even better!

It will not be wrong to say, that in the fast pacing world where no one has time for oneself or even to spare for their dreams, Civil Services is one coveted choice candidates actually put in efforts for. Here expert guidance is much needed! Also, that with the given benefits and increasing inclination towards the stage-specific Short-term courses, Civil Services Exam preparation has become very easy. Hence, short-term courses have totally proven to be an aid to effective long-term preparation!

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